We are all here for a reason.
When we think of our past we can see that at least some of what we thought were our biggest mistakes, were our biggest lessons.
Our panic attacks, anxieties, depressions, addictions (and any other mental illnesses) are here for us to learn something from them. We live with mental illnesses for a reason.
We are also a lot more understanding, supportive and sensitive because of them. It makes us unique. It makes us stronger, every day.
I want you to remember that you are a VERY important person who’s worthy of all the best things in life. The bad things in your life haven’t been there to punish you, they’ve been there to teach you, help you improve your life, help you grow.
I hope you’re all having a great weekend, and THANK YOU to everyone who’s been very kind and supportive to all these people who have shared their story so far:)!

K. <3


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