Hello lovelies!
How are you all today? Are you having a nice day? What’s your week been like so far?
I’ve been feeling a bit down recently. I guess a lack of sleep, stress, and crappy food has had a bigger effect on me than I thought.
I’ve been thinking for ages how I can motivate you all today and dreading what to post because I’ve not had anything I felt strongly positive about today or any ideas that sparked up.
However, I still got up and got on with my day.
I’ve got some things that I do that usually work for me when I’m feeling down. So the plan for today was to detox my body (no sugar, no gluten (I’m gluten intolerant, but I still sometimes eat it a lot more that I should)). This might not have had a straight effect on me today, but I know that my body will definitely thank me for it tomorrow.
I also needed something else to uplift me right now! So I decided to watch Oprah’s Lifeclass; Live with Purpose. I watched this episode about three weeks ago for the first time. The thing that I then thought was my purpose, made me realise that it most likely wasn’t, which made me question a lot of things.
However, watching it today, I felt so much more full filled with my life. This time round it made me feel like I’m closer to my purpose than I was three weeks ago. That has made me feel extremely satisfied, a lot better and more confident in myself.
So, I think even though I’ve not been feeling amazing before, noticing how much things have changed within only three weeks time has made me feel soo much stronger.
No matter how down, bad and negative we may feel we are always, every day, stronger than we were the day before!
It’s okay to have bad days! It’s how you pick yourself up from them, that matters:)!

K. <3


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