MY FIRST PODCAST; Talking Mental Health

12402079_10204374566358791_5949917674796791064_oI was asked to speak to the lovely Chrissie on Mental Illness Matters Radio.
Her radio podcast breaks down stigma and misconceptions about mental illness and individuals who live with mental illness.

“Kay wanted to do something to help others who are suffering from mental illness. She took a risk and it certainly paid off! She created a facebook site where people can post their photo and a short description of what it is like to live with mental illness. It is a brilliant idea to break down stigma, one personal story at a time.
She talks about her own journey with mental health challenges as well as her inspiration hopes for a page that I believe will be an incredible force in normalizing individuals with mental illness.
Tune in and find out more about Kay and her inspiring project.”

Listen to the podcast, click here 🙂
Spread the kindness.
K. <3


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