Do something NICE for yourself


We celebrated our FIRST MONTH this weekend!
Already there has been soo many of you sharing your story with us! & so much more to come!
We now have over 2,000+ likes! & launched our first t-shirts!!! (which you can buy here RIGHT NOW , make sure to grab one before 10th December as it’s only limited time offer:))
Within this month I have had a chance to do my first ever radio podcast and I’m finally seeing a therapist and getting help, that I needed for a while. Even if things aren’t going well for me in my life, I always remember about you all spreading so much of your kindness and being extremely supportive of each other.
So many of you have said how much this website has already helped you and it’s continuing to do so, which is AMAZING!
I am hoping to continue this journey with you all for many, many more months:)
Make sure you’re looking out for yourself, take the break you need, give yourself time and do something nice for YOURSELF this week:)!

Spread the kindness.

K. <3



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