I have OCD?!

anigif_original-30009-1444244618-9These past few weeks have turned out to be a lot more different than I’ve expected!
I have been diagnosed with OCD.
I’ve been trying to make sense out of all the things I’ve been feeling and the way I’ve been behaving for some time now. I’ve read many different personal stories from people who have OCD. Something finally clicked in my head and I wanted to know more about it.
When I’ve read more into OCD, it scared me so much. I couldn’t believe how many of the symptoms I have been dealing with for many years! Without even properly realising it!?! & Always blaming it on my anxiety.

But it was a bit more than that.. Once this occurred to me I immediately wanted to stop all those thoughts and rituals that I’ve been doing. Which made it so much worse. I couldn’t believe it that after so many years of feeling like this I have ONLY just realised that. I felt really stupid for missing all these signs that have been with me for years.
The truth was, that I didn’t know much about OCD at all and that was really scary. It seemed so ‘new’ to me and so frightening. The way media portrayed OCD was all I knew until I made this page.

It’s been a couple weeks since then. I have spoken to my therapist about it, I’ve read so much more about it and got a diagnosis of OCD.
It feels so strange now, it’s been almost a relieve in a sense that it gives me an explanation of why I have been feeling and behaving the way I have. But it still feels so new and a little bit overwhelming to me, I still feel like I know so little about it.

I’ve read a lot more articles and stories about it, as well as some self-help stuff (I will leave a link to an OCD explanation for anyone who’s interested in finding out a little bit more about it.)
However, I would extremely appreciate if any of you who live with OCD or know more about it could leave me any tips, guidance, articles, books or anything helpful to have a look at. If you could leave a comment or even message me on the page or privately, it would be great, very helpful and I would really appreciate it.
It’s probably the best time for me to find this out now, I’m able to see a therapist and have so many supportive, kind and understanding people on this page which I’m extremely grateful for:)

Spread the kindness.

K. <3


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