Alice, 19, Plymouth, UK

12313694_512755808898947_6041174176893128018_n“I suffer and live with a condition called ADHD (attention defective hyperactivity disorder)
I was diagnosed age of 12, I was kicked out of school and thrown out into the deep end not having a clue where I was or what I wanted to become.

I used to just waste my time walking around the streets of my local town in Somerset and hang around with the wrong crowd, things started messing up for me as I was experiencing outbursts of anger and self-destruct.
I didn’t know what I was doing, I couldn’t take it much longer feeling low all my life I went to my doctors and they referred me to CHAMS. I had my first appointment with one of the psychiatrists people and then they helped me get on my feet by diagnosing me with severe ADHD and giving me medication to take everyday and then couple months down the line I started a catering course in Bridgwater college in Somerset.
I was concentrating and having a great time meeting my friends and having lunch with them out of college hours having a great time. I decided to stop taking the medication but I didn’t tell the mental health team.

Things got worse again. I got kicked out off college near the end but still achieved my own certificates before I left and then after that finished.
I then moved away to Plymouth with my mom after she came out of a domestic violence relationship with her ex-partner and we both had a new start. I was placed on Avon house adult mental health team.

I am now 19 years old, I’ve just been diagnosed with emotional borderline personality disorder and they’re transferring me to a place called rethink and other things called options to manage with life and other things.

I’m currently unemployed but going to look for a job sooner or later when the times right but for now, I’m just gonna keep my head high and keep fighting with my demons with mental health.

What has helped me was having supporting friends and family around me and my community health team I’m on full recovery now and I’m going to stop relapsing and get myself on my feet again, thanks for taking the time to read my story, remember to talk to people and not lock it away.”


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