Big White Wall


It was hard for me to reach out for professional help as I’ve reached out for it in the past and I was on the never ending waiting lists or the help just wasn’t available.. So I gave up for a while.
Having anxiety & panic attacks which led to agoraphobia has made it a lot more difficult to go out ask for help again.
I heard about online therapies but thought they would cost a lot of money and seeing as I’m not getting any income right now it would be impossible for me to do.
I’ve tried and searched and I found the website called Big White Wall. I wasn’t really sure how genuine the page actually was because I never heard of it.
There’s a thing called Live Therapy where you can see a professional and there are different types of therapies that they offer like CBT, IBT, counselling and Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling
I really wanted to start CBT. About three weeks ago I chose a few therapists and chose different slots and had a few no’s because they were already booked so I chose more slots just in case. Within a week I booked my first session.
I have already had two online sessions. I feel really blessed that I found this genuine page and I’m able to ‘see’ a CBT therapist.
I am very, very fortunate that the area I live in qualifies for this through NHS.
It was quite scary to reach out for help again, but I am so glad that I did and I really wanted to share this with you all!
If you’d like to give it a try you can register on this website. People who live in the UK you might be able to get it through NHS & I think for everyone outside of UK or who won’t be able to get it through NHS it’s about £30 a month subscription. Which if you think about it, if you’re seeing a therapist/counsellor for an hour four times a month it actually seems really worth it. There are as well other great things on the websites like tests, being able to share and talk with other and more!
If you aren’t able to access the page for free or can’t pay for it, I get different materials mainly focusing on anxiety & panic attacks which I can send to anyone who would think it’ll help them.

K. <3



  1. I was so moved when i read this. I set up BWW in 2007 for just this kind of reason. It has made me so happy today that it has been helpful to you. Thank you for sharing. Jen

    • Aw:)! I am so glad you did:)! It’s been and still is extremely helpful to me:) i found the best therapist there and she’s been helping me so much! It’s only been couple of months but I feel like things have changed so much for better. Thank you so much for creating such a great thing:)! K. <3

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