Chasidy, 21, US

12247043_506873346153860_8620486235690993998_n“I’ve struggled with mental illness since age 12.
First I was diagnosed with depression. at a young age, I lost all motivation and excitement for everyday life.
By 19 I’d been diagnosed with bipolar depression, OCD, & ADHD. These things make maintaining everyday relationships difficult.

I tried medication for awhile and decided it wasn’t for me. I was put on several mood stabilizers that never seemed to stabilize much of anything for me.
I still live every day with all of these symptoms. I do not take medication and I personally am feeling better than ever! some days are much much harder than others, every day is hard.

I’ve found my motivation and excitement back by taking good care of myself and loving myself. Often times you can Love yourself out of dark times.

Yoga, meditation, deep breathing, spirituality, and being an honest person to my own Self is helping me overcome the obstacles.”


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