David, 45, Norfolk, UK

11220869_507526919421836_7641809627370088868_n“I have bipolar disorder. I find the highs as hard to deal with as the lows and as such don’t have it easy.
I do however have amazing support from my AMAZING wife and 2 EVEN MORE amazing daughters, and all my bikers mates from the FJ UK facebook page.

I don’t like to go out of the boundaries of my property unless I`m wearing my crash helmet, If I’m home I spend my time either in my bedroom, where I feel safe, or tinkering in my shed on motorbikes.

I take Cipramil, carbamazepine, and pericyazine to keep me “human”.
I don’t mind being labeled as mentally ill. It makes me unique and no-one wants to be `normal` right?

Remember, you are what you are, and what you are is AMAZING !”


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