Drew, 27, Atlanta, US

12339624_511641582343703_6793074601448257112_o“I had struggled with depression and anxiety my entire life.
It wasn’t until several years ago that I attempted to end my own life, twice, that doctors finally took notice and diagnosed me as clinically depressed.

With the help of some amazing family, friends, and even medication I have been able to move away from those thoughts. I’m nowhere near cured, and it’s something that I will live with my entire life probably, but even though there are bad days, there are also good days.

I live for the good days. It’s a struggle, but it’s possible.
I encourage anybody who is going through thoughts of suicide to get help immediately! There is no shame in having these thoughts. And if you’re feeling down and depressed for any length of time, please tell your doctor.

So the next time you feel like you are drowning, just reach out and let someone help you. You’ll be glad you did.”


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