Emilia, 22, Sydney, Australia

12347599_511638439010684_7404549198047121155_n“I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety a year and a half ago after a really bad breakdown – though I’d already been battling those beasts for years.

I lost a lot of friends due to my mental illness – most of it because of my negative self-talk, but some of it because they just didn’t want to associate with me in any way.

It’s a struggle even getting out of bed sometimes, but I always make a promise to go one more day. Even when I’m really sick, I get to see at least one beautiful thing.

I guess my advice to others would be to get help ASAP. Find a good support system – family, friends, etc. That’s the most important thing. Don’t surround yourself with people who say your illness isn’t real.

Your illness is real, your illness is valid.”




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