Emily, 17, UK

12274470_507525766088618_2426550181465676646_n“I’ve battled with my mental health ever since I can remember, suffering from severe anxiety, panic attacks and OCD, manic depression, psychosis, and suicidal ideation.

At the moment I am still in the hospital and have been for over 8 months. This battle is probably the hardest one I’ve ever faced. How can you face your fears when your fear is yourself??

Unfortunately, I’ve become aware that my mental health will continually affect me through my whole life but luckily I’m getting better at coping with it. What helps me cope every day is the support I have around me, my medication at the support from CAMHS and right now the support from the hospital.

My advice is to first accept yourself treat yourself like you would treat someone you love, show yourself care and keep yourself safe.
Remember that everyone makes mistakes and goes through blips but that doesn’t mean you’ve lost it means you’re still learning you are never alone and don’t bottle up your feeling you have the right to feel any emotion.

Stay strong and keep your head up so your crown won’t fall”


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