Freya, 14

12345566_510719345769260_8772443868577343033_n“I have depression.
My life has been one big mess. I have a very bad anxiety, I have almost 4 anxiety attacks a week. And have developed anxiety throughout the years because of my childhood issues.

My childhood issues were… Pretty Terrible. Both of my parents didn’t take correct care of me. So when my sister was born, I was pretty much her mother. I taught her things and became a mother to her. Then I had my own issues. I was molested by someone… I don’t know who I can’t remember. But I was put in therapy around the age of 2 or 3. I moved with my grandparents at the age of 4 (the best thing that happens In my life) but it did mentally hurt me. I was taken away from what I knew was home.

Both my mom and dad were involved in bad things at that time. A few years later my mom was doing better, my dad…. Not so much. He did get better, but not like my mom. My dad later started pills and meth and eventually heroine. I was 11 when this was happening. I went into a deep depression because my dad was my best friend at that time. I thought he didn’t love me anymore. He stopped talking to me. I remember watching him pass out in his chair. Later around 12 or 13 I saved my step mom on a “meth overdose” (they say it wasn’t that).
I have been through so much. But I am thankful for it. Because all this is an experience. It makes me stronger for what’s to come, either terrible or just bad… I will get through it. And I have told many people they can do it. Because I did. I never gave up. I kept climbing and kept trying. And everything comes to an end. Even depression. It does get better.
Just remember nothing stays forever, Don’t worry be happy, and stop, breathe, everything’s okay. If I can, you can.

You are strong, you can do this, I promise.”


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