Harmony, 22, Australia


“I have lived with depression, anxiety, panic attacks (psychosis) and borderline personality disorder for as long as I can remember.

For a long time I’ve been unable to hold a job or study due to the aforementioned conditions but I reached a turning point last year when I decided to take control of my health and am about to finish up a dual diploma of Business/Management AND have just secured a Christmas job at one of my favourite stores, yay!!

I manage my mental illness with medication, a healthy restricted diet (because my body does not respond well to gluten, dairy or sugar – I consult with a nutritionist regularly), working out at the gym, spending time outside, playing music, letting my family and friends support me and cuddling my kitty.

For anyone else who has, does or knows someone who lives with mental illness I would say remember you are not alone, this to shall pass and don’t get too frazzled trying to get all better all at one… just try to be better every day than you were the day before – even if that means just getting out of bed!

You got this!”


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