Isaac, 17, Utah, US

1936638_520607384780456_2887853090633804771_n“In 5th or 6th grade I started developing anxiety. In 7th grade, it turned into anorexia. In 9th grade, it developed into depression.

To cope with these things, I had to distract myself; I had to find things that would get my mind off of what I was trying not to think about. Develop passions, work so hard that you don’t have time to worry. Find something, anything that makes you happy and makes it yours. Then don’t let anything take it away from you.

This made me stronger. It seems counterintuitive, but the hard things are what make us stronger! One thing I learned is that I can. And I promise you that if I can, of all people, so can you. If I could spread any message to everybody on earth it would be one of hope and love. I know that if you try to have and spread just a little bit of hope and love to those around you, you will be blessed for doing so and you can have a purpose! Spread hope and love and then some may sprinkle back on yourself.

I believe in you, even if you don’t believe in yourself!

You are fighters! You are strong because you fight every day. You are infinitely valuable. Keep fighting!!”


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