Jasmin, 23

12063624_502078786633316_8975194241638539052_n“I live with bipolar disorder and PTSD, which includes anxiety and depression.
I am a full-time mother and a full-time student. Sometimes I can feel fine but then there are times my mental illness can be exhausting and even crippling.

Most mornings I have to force myself to just sit up in bed. And then having to work and be a student and be a mom is hard enough, toss in the symptoms of PTSD and bipolar disorder, sometimes I feel as if I can’t handle life.

I’m on 3 medications that target my anxiety, mood, depression, and sleep, so far they’ve been keeping my head above water.
I hope to find other effective ways in coping. But right now I feel as if I’m on a never-ending rollercoaster, that’s moving so fast I can’t catch my breath. It’s suffocating sometimes but I keep pushing forward day by day and breath by breath.”

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