Kate, 18, New Jersey, US

1919517_521437538030774_3189866729096613842_n“I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety and panic disorder at the tender age of 5. This coupled along with my dyslexia was a big blow for me as a kid. I couldn’t read, and I was too afraid to ask for help.

Luckily I had parents who were understanding and helped me with my learning difference.
As for the anxiety, I practically didn’t go to third grade due to separation anxiety. I didn’t want to leave my mom. All throughout my life, I’ve feared people would leave me, but 3rd grade was when it really began to show. I hated school for a loooooong time. I felt alone like I couldn’t do anything due to my anxiety. I couldn’t go on school trips, make friends, I isolated myself in my house- dealing with panic on a regular basis.

I was able to get counseling from a young age which helped a lot, Meds too, but the struggle was still there.
The worst is when there are big transitions in my life. Just change in general.
I’m leaving for college next fall and I’m very very nervous. I get panic attacks all the time, and I’m wondering if I’m ready to go or not.

Overall, I’m dealing with it, I love my school now, but stuff happens.

No matter how low you feel, you WILL get better. You will persevere! You’re so strong and beautiful and you deserve to be you!

Remember, there are ALWAYS people who will speak to you, who will help you. Stay strong.”


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