Kirsty, 16, New Zealand

10154520_519958478178680_3258555653814246000_n“For as long as I can remember I’ve struggled with bullying from my parents, sisters, and people from school. This has caused me to suffer from depression, anxiety, self-harm, addiction, and bulimia.

I used to deal with all of this with self-harm and other self-destructive habits.
Now I use coping strategies such as distractions; my top ones are listening to music, watching Netflix, playing Xbox, swimming and surf lifesaving.

As well as these distractions, in August this year, I got a boyfriend, he is perfect to me, gives me hope and a reason to live and keep fighting. Even puts up with my mood swings.

My advice for people who are struggling is to keep on fighting because believe it or not, things do get better. And don’t be afraid to speak out about what you’re going through, you never know, your story could influence others and give them hope.”


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