Liam, 28, UK

10305053_502138456627349_8244287266336307785_n“I am a mental health sufferer and I have been for 8 years but I am currently 29 months into my recovery and I have completely turned my life around;
Before entering my recovery I experienced the worst period of my life which was a 10-week breakdown that I can only describe as 10 weeks of torturous hell.
I suffer from depression and schizophrenia and during this breakdown, I was severely depressed; was hearing nine different voices in my head; I was taken off both my medications and was encountering horrific withdrawal symptoms. I somehow managed to find my inner strength and escape the darkness that I had been cast into and once again return to the light and enter my recovery.

In the 29 months that have passed, I have made monstrous strides and have become the best Liam that I have ever been. I have become a motivational speaker for mental health sufferers; I have developed the gift of creative writing and also poetry which is all mental health related and in each passage and poem that I write there are messages in each piece and those messages offer hope, strength, fight, heart and life to the reader and I know that I was meant to get through my struggles and hardship to arrive at this point and become a guardian angel for mental health sufferers around the world and show them all that recovery is possible with self-belief and hard work.

My motto in life is NEVER GIVE UP and i never will.”


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