Marcia, 30, Portugal

12321115_510226822485179_683625546598708179_n “I am Portuguese and I’ve been a Social Worker for 7 years, working with teenagers.
I struggle every day with depression major (diagnosed in 2012/2013), anxiety and insecurities.

I take pills every day and I use mindfulness. But in this ordeal, I’ve learned that I am a strong woman; I never give up. I’ve lost friends because of my illness I never thought would abandon me: that’s ok. Now I know the real ones.

I’ve made mistakes: I learned not to look too much into the past. I can’t change it. I have been discriminated because of my mental illness: It’s not all right but I became more compassionate. Kindness is the key.

I took my family for granted: now they are my biggest support. Life is what empowers me; all the bumps in the road and the lessons I learn everyday.”


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