Matt, 26, UK

12187807_503977179776810_4891936153192216463_n“I have been diagnosed with either bipolar or borderline personality disorder depending on the specialist.

4 months ago I tried to kill myself. After returning to work my boss told me that ‘no one else had a problem’. I’ve been signed off ever since waiting for HR to do something.
I write a blog at and the occasional article for Huffington Post as well as being the panto Dame at the local drama club.
I got into writing as I tried it out when I had depression as a teenager and blogging is something I had always wanted to try. I find it quite therapeutic.
I get by day to day thanks to my great friends and family. Earlier this week I was interviewed on LBC Radio about male suicide.

Whilst the NHS are overstretched, they are there to help. You have nothing to lose by asking for help. I’m proud to be a member of mind and their legal line has been amazing”

Matt’s interview:


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