Megaly, 21, Texas, US

12376071_516947771813084_4284272602088409745_n“I have been diagnosed with PTSD, social anxiety, and ADHD.
I am a survivor of abuse; mental, physical and sexual.

There isn’t a day that goes by that my past affects me. Between the gun range my animals my few close friends and family I push forward!

People tell me all the time they would have never guessed I suffered from mental illness.
And for anyone who’s scared to tell someone about abuse, letting it sit in your mind for years affects you worse than telling. It hurts when you tell and you’re labeled then but!! It’s not pent up in your mind for years wondering how your gonna tell someone that this particular job or task or whatever you can not do cause it reminds you of a time that no one knows about.

Please, there are loved ones and professionals that can and will help you!
I wish I told my story years ago..”

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