Mitch, 15, US

11110515_511636405677554_6507063983127401114_o“There was a lot in my life dragging me down and I was losing hope. My mom and dad separated when I was 13. I held all my anger and hurt inside and never talked about it. It started to eat me alive from the inside. I started worrying about big things and developed into worrying about almost everything.
I am a gymnast and gymnastics is my favorite thing in the world. I love being in the gymnastics gym but my anxiety started to affect my physical stress and mental stress.

I was in a relationship but we both had problems and the only thing a relationship did was make my anxiety worse. There was almost no hope left after I lost her but then another girl texted me one day.
Her name is Savannah. She asked about how I was and why I kept ripping myself apart over my ex-girlfriend. She asked about how I was and I started opening up and telling her everything about what goes on in my life. She told me about hers and I realized that life is only bad if you make it out to be terrible. She had it way worse than I did and in the midst of her trying to help me I ended up saving her.
She allowed me to realize that I can help other people struggling and that’s exactly what I want to do.

Live your own life. Never give up on your dreams.
It took me learning to let go to realize how important letting go really is. Just remember that it takes ten times longer to rebuild yourself, than it does to fall apart.
Find a person in your life you trust and be there for them and ask that they be there for you. People care. It’s figuring out where to find them that matters the most. I’d be lying if I said my anxiety disappeared and I’m alright now, it does act up from time to time. But I can honestly say, that I am on the right track for recovery. All thanks to my closest friend/sister Savannah.

There are people who care. No matter who you are.”


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