Reasons Why New Year’s Is The Worst Holiday For People Who Struggle With Anxiety

DSC_0115Reasons Why New Year’s Is The Worst Holiday For People Who Struggle With Anxiety

My mind feels really scattered right now and this article explains exactly what New Year’s Eve feels like for me this year!I think this year feels more like this than ever before because there are not as many distractions around me and the people I’m spending it with are completely opposite of me and they don’t understand any of that. That’s why there’s a very high pressure on tonight to have ‘loads of fun’. While that’s what everyone wants, the evening usually turns out with people being in a mood and fighting most of the night.
So I think for me tonight my goal is to try and stay with everyone but also allow myself the option to spend it alone if things get overwhelming for me.

“People with anxiety, we have millions of things we want to change about ourselves. If we try to fixate on one of these things, it will become an unhealthy obsession that will likely end with (more) therapy.”

I used to always make resolutions because everyone around me did. I also always failed them. Looking back I expected so much from myself I just wasn’t capable of achieving them.
I think because we set goals for next year we feel that there’s so much time to achieve them, so we set BIG goals. We don’t concentrate on the steps which would help and which we need to get to our goal.
A lot of my goals used to be like ‘go out more’, ‘be less anxious’ which was very broad. & I didn’t do anything about it, I didn’t see a therapist, I didn’t try to help myself. I just set those goals thinking that somehow next year I’ll be ‘fine’ or ‘better’.
This year my anxiety stopped me from doing so many things. Rather than ignoring it and distracting myself from it like I did for most of my life I had no other option but to face it. Even though I thought I could do it by myself and felt like I was weak if I asked for help. I eventually realised how much I needed it. I am so glad that I did reach out multiple times and finally found a great therapist!
You don’t need to and you shouldn’t wait till New Year to make changes in your life!
I’m not making resolutions this year. Instead, I’ve been trying to reflect on my life once a week. Noticing how I feel, if I felt better one week than the other I would try and do more of the things that I found to make me happy or feel better like painting, journaling, exercising, meditating, talking to you guys, helping others, colouring, playing with my dog and probably many more! I strongly suggest that you should look for the things that give you that good feeling and do more of that every day or at least a few times in a week!
I hope that anyone who’s feeling a bit lost tonight, that this will help you and even though no one around you might feel like this or even understand that there are people around the world that do, you are never alone and it’s OKAY to feel like this:)!

K. <3



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