Sam, 19


“My mental illness started at age 13 or at least that’s when I was diagnosed with clinical depression, bipolar and schizophrenia and anxiety disorder.

It’s been seven years since and I’m in the most stable place I’ve ever been. Thanks to the help of my psychiatrist who is absolutely lovely which is key when working with mental illnesses.

Life finally has a meaning to me and I feel like I have a purpose thanks to my man and the medication I’m on. It’s been a long road and I’m still stumbling through in rocks and through thorns but I keep walking because I know I can get through it.”


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  1. Well done you for sharing with us a short piece about you, what you are going through does not make you any less important. You are a special person and your story will be the exact thing that makes you strong. Never stop sharing it, share the good and the bad so people who experience the same can feel comfort knowing they are not alone! Keep going Sam. I believe in you. Coach Keysha x

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