Shawn, 40, Wayland Michigan, US

12301704_512421392265722_9010169488680989060_n“I live with severe depression, anxiety, OCD and been suicidal several times.
A friend of mine helped me the first time to get help a few years ago. I knew I was spiraling out of control after several major bad events in my life.

They put me on several meds and I ended up back in the hospital with another attempt. More meds and another attempt.
Finally 2 years ago I said enough with the meds for depression. Too many sides effects.

I have a young daughter and she is what keeps me going. I don’t get to see her much but I’m hoping it all pays off someday. I keep myself busy so my mind doesn’t race or go crazy on me. I do not lay in bed unless I am going to sleep. If I lay there too long I get up and find something to fix or clean.

On top of mental issues nowadays I have to worry about health problems now that make it harder and harder to do anything.
I have 4 kids and just making memories with them. My daughter is the youngest. As long as I get to see her grow up and make her dreams all happen I’ll be a happy person.”


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