Summer, 19, Manitoba, Canada

12391109_514216155419579_5062033340864819928_n“I live with anxiety/panic disorder.
It started in the fall of 2013 so I was 17 then, and it started out with asthma symptoms but had gone for a few breathing tests and it came out to not be asthma so then my family doctor told me it was anxiety.

For me I get really anxious and have little panic attacks when I go to work for I do serve at old folks home but even that gets me anxious.

I have gone to see a counsellor and I still do once a month since I would go see almost 3 times a month but now it’s less often so that’s okay.
I’ve also decided to get into photography instead of taking my emotions out on my grandparents or my friends so taking pictures of my relatives and nature is amazing. You can capture some amazing things.

Also talking to my true friends that I have learned a lot about and of course my mom who has anxiety too so we have that in common but the thing I only see her once every 4 months so that gets tough on me. Music and writing in my journal is a coping solution too.

Sometimes you just need to relax and remind yourself that you’re doing all that you can and everything will turn out just fine.”


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