Victor, 17, US

12241720_507843169390211_3700880279411962150_n“”Life is ugly and beautiful” – once said a supervisor at a psychiatry. This became very true to me when I experienced feelings of depersonalization at the age of 16.

I was frightened that I’m going insane, it was like a touch of death, and for a long time my days became empty, all I did was worrying and searching if there is a cure to this. It was like I was in a dream, and that life will never be the same, but luckily after time I got better and I learned to cope.
I do have a lot of anxiety too. I come from a family with a dad who treated me horribly. Child abuse should be taken seriously! It affects my life to this day, especially my relationships and my studying. I often wish I was like the other kids with confidence.

Dealing with mental illness taught me a lot about loving others, and loving myself, that I am important, and my problems are also important. Life is harsh, but I have hope and frankly, I think with the right tools anybody can make progress.”




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