Teagan, 21, Adelaide, Australia

12483521_169897206699978_1876594404_n“Since I was 5 I struggled with depression and anxiety. I was sexually abused by a family member from the ages 5-8. This caused a lot of problems with how I dealt with normals life tasks.

My dad was told he wouldn’t make it to my birth cause of heart failure, and he did. As well as having another child 5 years later. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing all my life he was in and out of the hospital, almost dying many of times.
I gave up school, work, my social life to full-time care for him at the age of 16 and wouldn’t have changed that for the world he was my rock, my best friend my world. He passed away 31st of January 2013.

I struggle every day with my depression. Now more than ever. I’ve had a few thoughts of wanting to be with my dad but my fiancé gave me the strength to pull through. But now sometimes I don’t think even that can.

But reading the stories of other people on this page does make me believe in myself.
Well done to all the people out the dealing with mental illness.”


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