Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle


I have decided to try and regularly review/write about things that have been helping me with my mental health.

I’ve already read a few new books this year and today I wanted to share with you, my thoughts about a book called Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle by Doreen Virtue.

It’s a second book that I have read by Doreen (the first one was called Living Pain-Free)
I really enjoy her writing style and the knowledge and wisdom she shares in her books as well as on her Facebook page.

Don’t let anything dull your sparkle, has really opened my eyes. I now understand why I feel the way I do in certain situations. Until I read this book I didn’t even realise I had post-traumatic stress symptoms.

The definition of a ‘traumatic experience’ will vary from person to person. But most of us do go through trauma at one point or another during our lives, sometimes multiple times. I think because of how much tension the traumas can cause, a lot of time we never really fully heal. Which then causes us to have more of the toxic relationship, behaviors, and habits.
The book made me aware of a lot of things that I do or behave in certain ways because of the past traumas. It also made me understand a lot about the way people around me have been dealing with trauma. It led me to more compassionate understanding around the behaviors of myself and others.

Doreen shares numerous ways in which we can return to health and ‘regain our sparkle.’ Regardless of the level of trauma, we have experienced in life, she provides lots of useful and life-improving information.
Doreen Virtue’s uplifting writing style and her lively, sparkly personality very much shine through on these pages (I think that’s why I enjoyed reading it so much!). It is very apparent that she is using her own challenges as a foundation for helping people overcome the trauma-drama in their lives.

This book genuinely left me to feel good! After reading it I felt inspired and motivated to make some changes in my life, to be a better person and to feel better.
Even if you aren’t dealing with any issues personally, I believe that there will be somebody in your life that will benefit from the words in this book.


Spread the kindness!
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