Scott, 40, Washington, US

12438962_554398928043699_7536552590852337088_n“At a young age, I was sexually assaulted by 2 neighbors while I stayed at their house. My parents needed a night off, like all of them do. I ran to the car crying when I saw them coming down the long shared driveway. My mom pushed me out of the window of the car as I tried to get in. “We’ll get you in the morning, Scott. Go have fun. ” For the next 8 hours, I was forced into things no child or ANYONE should ever have to do.

I was bullied and beaten more times than I can count have, just for being quiet and smart. I had to clean up a suicide that was prompted by me being with a guy’s ex. He could not take the sight of us together, so he ended it. My sister has been a meth head since 12-14 and logged quite a few years in prison and jail.

I had 2 car wrecks in 3 days in 2012. (What are the odds?) I could not walk without a cane or crutch for almost 2 years. Subsequently, I was diagnosed with MS. These are a few major reasons I have issues. PTSD, anxiety, depression, histrionic, BPD, and a host of obsessive ticks. I used drugs and alcohol a lot to drown myself. I was locked up in a mental wing of the hospital for 3 days.

I still suffer, but not as much. This summer I am to be married to an angel, two years ago I got a kick ass dog, and I have been in therapy bawling away the scars. Every day is a struggle. Every day is a fight. Every day I wake up to my beautiful fiance and my furry buddy. Every day I am grateful for the hard road. I would never have been here otherwise.”

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