Erin, 24, Canberra, Australia

GetAttachment (2)“For many years I have lived with depression and OCD and both have controlled my life.
I have a constant fear of not being enough not being enough for other people, not being enough for my family and not being enough for myself. This meant that I chose to isolate myself to avoid it.

When it became overwhelming to the point where I hardly left my bedroom I knew that I needed help.
Honestly, seeking help was the best thing I ever did. My psychologist helped me develop and put into practice strategies to help cope with the fear of not being enough.

Once I learned how to cope with it and I spent some time practicing -it took ages and ages to get it right – I was able to live more confidently and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Of course, there are other little issues associated with depression that still lingers and I am still recovering.

Surround yourself with like-minded, understanding people and seek help – there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking help. Oh! and be patient.

Having a mental illness is hard work, but it may be even harder for your loved ones to understand.”


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