Bowen, 17, Shanghai, China

12469582_964685986940210_130748414107651519_o“I was officially diagnosed with OCD in San Francisco more than two years ago despite the fact that I knew something was wrong with me for a really long time.

It was hard in the beginning since even my family found it hard to live with me. But with the right therapist and medication, I recovered a lot in the last two years.

In addition to that, I also found online OCD resources very helpful. So after I got better, I started a website called OCD Acceptance with daily memes about OCD.
So far I’ve managed to post over 250 self-made memes. Then recently, I started to host FREE online events live to help bring OCD sufferers closer to the professionals.
You can learn more about me and my work at

For all the sufferers out there, I would like to say it’s no shame to ask for help, you can’t cure yourself, that’s professional’s job. And also try to use the power of the Internet with caution to find support and others with similar experiences.”


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