Pip, 23, Wipperfuerth, Germany

20160130_185751“I currently suffer from depression, anxiety, panic attacks and anxiety attacks (I have to constantly explain there’s a difference between them!). I also suffer from EDS, though that is a chronic illness, not a mental illness.

Honestly, I can’t say I deal with it. It’s more I’ve learned to accept it and work with it. I find creative outlets are extremely useful when I’m struggling. So I write, I attempt to be artistic (I failed art in school!) and I sing (Well…in my room…still counts).
I’ve learned to accept that I am just wired wrong. I’ve also realised that it’s not a bad thing.

What helps me is sitting and reminding myself that people love me despite my problems. They just see me as a person. I don’t walk around with it tattooed to my forehead, but my close friends know. They treat me like they would any other person. That’s the way it should be. It’s known, but not judged.

Anyone that has ever judged me has been a minority. But I do envy them slightly, they must have never known the feeling of mental illness.

I recently lost a friend who was suffering from mental health. I’ve also had a few comments judging him for what he did. Honestly, it fuels the fire for me to spread awareness. I don’t see it as him killing himself, I see it as the illness killed him.

People who suffer the most tend to have the strongest characters. Which is why we must stick together. We have good days, we have days where facing the world is impossible. But if you are reading this:
You are not alone in this. We all love each other. Because we appreciate the battle we all fight.”


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  1. Hannah

    💕💕💕 I just want You to know that I read this and you’re amazing.. Keep going soldier 💪 xxxx

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