Savannah, 16, Tennessee, US

Snapchat-1261142804306603600“I have social anxiety and depression. My parents think I’m just being childish so they refuse to get me help.

But I have found comfort in fantasy, music whether I’m listening to it or playing it, TV shows and books. I also have an incredible boyfriend and amazing friends which all know what to do if I start having a panic attack.

I am also transgender, but I am not able to come out to my family. They are not accepting. I am coming out to my boyfriend soon, but I don’t know what to do at home. And knowing that I will not be accepted by my own family has made me get worse than ever.
My advice for anyone going through the same type of things as me, find someone. There is always someone who can relate to you to some extent. And if you can’t find anyone who knows what you’re going through, talk to yourself, write out your feelings. Or, find an Internet friend.”


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  1. Hey Savannah, I’m 20 and from the UK. I think we’re going through similar things. I’m not too much older than you but hopefully I can shed some light on living with a mental illness when you’re a little older?

    Check out my blog!

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