Panic attacks & mindfulness


We forget how important is to just breathe and to be mindful of it.

It’s been a while since I’ve had panic attacks every single day. But I also never remember recovering so well from them!

So what have I been doing differently?
I have made sure to meditate for at least 10 mins every single day, for the past 45 days! (I have mentioned it before and wrote a post about it too, I still use the app Calm)
I have also started doing more yoga. I mostly use YouTube for it and recently found an amazing channel Yoga with Adriene.
It is the best yoga channel I’ve seen around! And it actually makes me want to do yoga even more!

Meditation and yoga make me feel sooo much better. I feel more conscious of my breath.
Therefore while having panic attacks now, the first thing I try to notice is how I’m breathing. And most of the time that’s all it takes to bring me back some sort of normal state again.
Once I am aware of my breath I am able to ground myself and really bring myself to the present moment.

So often when we’re anxious we forget to breathe. We focus on all the negative sensations that anxiety brings. Our minds might feel like they’re racing it makes us forget the most simple thing that usually we do without a second thought!
Your breathing might’ve become rapid or you might have even stopped breathing during a panic attack. It sometimes can even take minutes till you even think about your breath!
I know how horrible it can get! But I really wanted to share this with you, because recently breathing mindfully has been my savior!

If you can please at least try meditation, use guided meditation (Calm app, you can download it for free!). Just give it ago. It definitely isn’t for everyone, it can work great for you like it does for me, or it might not. But at least you can find that out:)!

Whatever you do, please take care of yourself lovely!

K. 💜


For more information on panic attacks check out BetterHelp


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    Thank you Kay. I always love your writing and tweets. You are very strong and brave, which I guess you don’t feel all the time. It really helps to read what you say and not feel alone.

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