Mariah, 24, Washington, US

image1“I have recovered from depression and anxiety/panic attacks which I was battling on and off for 5 months.

It was a tough road, I have never experienced anything like it. I was unable to eat, get out of bed, and my mind was just completely filled with negativity and thoughts of death. Anything would cause me to have a panic attack even if it was just cooking dinner.

I never understood why I got into that dark place. My road to recovery for me came when I decided I no longer wanted to live this way, I literally forced myself out the bed everyday, forced myself to do the regular things I usually did I also did a lot of researching and came across a book called anxietynomore.

Once I started reading on anxiety and the symptoms it took some fear off me. I started incorporating the tools from the book in my daily life, tools such as learning to allow yourself to feel your symptoms but pay them no mind, not letting your emotions control you, no matter how bad of day it seems do not allow yourself to feel that way, live the life you want to live.

The depression had lifted completely. Till this day I still have anxiety symptoms but it doesn’t bother me and it has lifted so much I also tend to still have negative thoughts every now and then but I just let them run their course and continue to carry on with my day. You have to accept anxiety. Smile at it, even laugh at it. Do not let it control your day and it will slowly start to lift.

I consider my experience to be a gift and curse. It was horrible and not easy at all but it taught me a lot and made me appreciate life more. I have changed my eating, taken up yoga/meditation and constantly looking for other hobbies that interest me. It wasn’t easy and like I said before I still have anxiety symptoms and negative thoughts I just don’t allow them to affect my emotions and control my day.

I hope this helps someone as there are so many people suffering and feel hopeless, I have felt the same way. You get through it, even though it doesn’t seem like it. Keep pushing.”


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