Monthly Mental Health Favourites/ YouTube channel


I have decided to start doing videos again on my YouTube channel!

This video is extremely late, which I’m very sorry about!

I’ve tried to film videos multiple times! My camera is still broke and its proven to be more challenging. Eventually, I filmed this on my laptop :O!!! The audio is pretty low and quality isn’t amazing, so I’m very sorry about that. I’ve also almost deleted this whole video because it’s far from ‘perfect’ or even good in my opinion. I’m my own worst critic and that sucks sometimes!

But here it is!

March Mental Health Favourites:

Pukka, three ginger tea

Eat, pray, love book

Temporary motivational tattoos




I will want to carry on uploading on this channel as much as I can. If there’s anything you’d like me to talk about, let me know:)

I hope you’re all doing great lovelies!

Spread kindness

K. <3


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