Jon, 42, West Midlands, UK

image3“Back in June 2013 I had a mental breakdown and like far too many people initially I was let down by the NHS. To cut a long story short I started a blog and on the 24th October 2013, I published this page.
Since this page, I have posted many posts always being as honest as I possibly can even about the really painful stuff. I am very honoured that people from all over the world have sent me messages saying my words and honesty have helped them.

I have my daily struggles, I have my ups and downs and I fight hard to manage my issues in many different ways, the basis of my coping mechanisms is being in the day, just because yesterday was a tough day doesn’t mean today and tomorrow will be. I do simple things like just getting out of the house, having a walk into Halesowen, having a pot of tea, simple things like that help me find a balance. I believe these little actions can build to give me a “daily win”. Quite often I will write down the “little things” I do in the day, however insignificant they seem so I can look at them in a positive way to show I’ve done something positive that day that I can build strength from to use in the fight tomorrow should I need it. I have my motto tattooed on me “enjoy the good and ride out the bad” if you have mental health issues you will understand those words. I am very proud to say that people all over the world have told me they use my motto on a regular basis.

This is all starting to sound like “look at me aren’t I awesome” but it’s not meant to be that way what I hope it sounds like is more “look at me if I can do this then everyone of you can do the same”. I still don’t have a specific diagnosis and that’s fine with me as I don’t believe mental illness is that black and white I believe there are grey areas and I possibly sit in one of those grey areas. Different psychiatrists have spoken about Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder to me I feel I sit somewhere in the middle and that’s fine by me.

I think this website is inspiring and very powerful and I hope I can be a small part of it.”




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