So, it’s officially my birthday, I’m 21!!!🙌🎉🎈💃🏻
I never know how to deal with birthdays, as I always look back to where I was this time last year and usually feel pretty disappointed with myself..

However, right now, I cannot believe how much my life and I have changed!
I want to concentrate on all the good things I’ve achieved this year and the biggest one for me has really been reaching out for help. Ever since I remember I struggled with crippling anxiety, panic attacks and depression and there were many reasons why I didn’t want to get help back then. Things had to get real ugly for me to reach out, but the main thing is that I DID & I’ve actually stuck with it! Starting CBT was one of the best decisions I could’ve made! I am capable of helping myself, but allowing myself to get professional guidance was something I needed for a whiiile! & I have learned and continue to learn so much! Which allows me to be better at dealing with my mental health!

I actually stuck with more things this year! (which was weird for me at first, and still sometimes is when I think about it because of my mental health issues I was never really able to do anything for longer period of time)

This time last year I had an idea for a mental health blog (it took some time to actually act on it, but the idea was born exactly this time last year🙌) which has brought me already so many amazing opportunities that I never thought I’d be able to have! Along with so many WONDERFUL people! Whose support and kindness helps me so much and makes everyday brighter!

I’ve realised how important sharing your story really is! I am so glad that I’ve gradually been able to share mine. Actually addressing and sharing things that have been a root of a lot of my problems has given me this weird power, a lot more awareness and so much more knowledge!

I’ve grown so much as a person! I’m still learning and want to learn so much! I’ve always been pretty open-minded to things, but this year I took that even further!
If anyone told me last year that I’d be vegan, first I wouldn’t even know what that is and then I’d laugh! Yet, I’ve begun this veganism journey over six months ago now! It literally makes me look at the world and life a lot differently than what I used to.

I am also realising more and more than I really can achieve anything I set my mind on! I’m a lot stronger than I give myself credit for! & Somehow I have this light within me that tells me to keep going, no matter how shit things get!

So this birthday rather than getting depressed about my life, I am going to try my best and celebrate everything I’ve achieved this year and so far😊

& I want to thank you all for all the love and support you’re constantly giving me, it means more than you could imagine!

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I hope you’re doing well!

Spread the kindness.💕






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  1. I’ll wish you a very happy birthday Kay ! you’ve come a long way – even in the few months since I’ve first heard your vlogs. You are a stronger person than you thought you were, and it is so great to realize that talking and reaching out for help to a therapist and to other people has empowered you in this fashion!

    Congrats on your choice of compassion, becoming vegan isn’t always easy because there are a lot of habits to change, and a lot of people may question you or ridicule – though in the UK you will face less of that than here in France.

    Don’t hesitate to ask for recipes, I got a ton 🙂 and there are also many websites, and vlogs on youtube with them, all over the place

    big hugs & happy 21 !

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