David, 23, Scotland

12112390_500556766785518_2232294102751424069_n“I am a psychology graduate and I am in the process of setting myself up as an Emotional Wellness Coach.

In my initial years of university, I struggled with an Eating Disorder for two and a half years and Depression for a year. I overcame my problems by rediscovering purpose and positive mindset: by working on my achievements and seeking to better myself physically and mentally.

I’d say that the biggest misconception about eating disorders is that it is about food and looks. The real issues are emotional: feeling out of control, or anxious or worthless; food is just the chosen tool to try and self-soothe.

For Depression, it’s that you’re just “a bit sad”. Depression is when you lose the ability to find joy and fulfillment. Everything tires you. You wonder how the hell you’re going to make things better.

My message to people, however, would be that it does get better. Nothing in this world lasts, either positive or negative. The pain will subside, good things will be just around the corner.”

David’s website: DavidMcCrae-PDT



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