Debbie, 49, UK


“I have suffered from panic disorder since I was 4 years old. I suffered in silence for many years thinking I’m going to die or be put away…

I have PTSD and OCD, my mind races… I take meds to help slow my thoughts down.

I am a licensed Massage Therapist. I have noticed healing in many ways, mostly by opening up and helping others. I love my job and what I do as I help in many ways through therapy.

I have a beautiful daughter who understands me..even at her young teenage years.
I can spot someone by their energy who needs to hear. You are not stuck.. life will not always be full of fear.. as I say those words to them I also am saying them to myself and in return… I feel peace. The peace I long for. John 14:27… I quote so very much.”


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  1. Donna

    Thank you for your words of encouragemen and hope.I suffer from social and generalized anxiety,depression and racing thought.I have had problems since early teen years.Life is tough and so confusing with these issues at hand.I struggle to maintain some semblance of a normal life.My family suffers with me because they don’t totally understand why I am this way.I have alot of guilt about that.

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