Allie, 26, Australia

12241678_507199312787930_7761631265304548792_n“I have suffered miserably with mental illness since early teens. I’ve been told by all the women in my family “it’s nothing, why is there something always wrong with you?”
They have never understood I’ve suffered 14 years of (Untreated Bipolar 1 Disorder, Complex PTSD, Anxiety & Social Disorders).

My childhood, I don’t even remember much about it. My dad was ex-military, worked and drank a lot. Domestic violence, unfortunately, has taken over me in many aspects of my life plus substance abuse. I was always the black sheep middle child of course.
Low self-esteem, bullying and suicidal attempts in school, had to be admitted to a psych ward where I was diagnosed ‘manic depressed’.

When I left home I couldn’t wait to live my life on my own. Criminology degree in progress at 17 and working my butt off night shifts at a local strip club in the Bar.
I discovered the underworld of both sides….the good turned evil…cocaine parties constantly as I had the “high life” in the fast lane…

Many horrible deaths I witnessed of good friends, people I didn’t know and I seen what no 19-year-old girl should see..traumatised me beyond words…
At 19 I was drugged and raped in my own hotel room in Surfers Paradise, by a Gold Coast man who had spiked my drink with horse tranquillizers and offered to take me home.
The damage from what he did to me brought a hectic episode of traumatic stress and surgeries etc. I couldn’t escape and couldn’t tell anybody really?!?

I have a very strong, positive attitude when it comes to life and survival to what’s necessary and the great power of the mind. I’ve managed to overcome so much through a hell roller coaster and helping others with the kindness of my heart too!
I am a full-time carer for my Army Veteran who suffers severe PTSD…

I’ve been through so much, that after I met my Military Man with PTSD and a lot of pain in his eyes….I just knew I had met someone just like me. He supports me 1000% daily with my mental illnesses, medications, manic episodes.

My advice to everyone reading this: PLEASE never give up on yourself. OPEN your eyes to those around you, remove any toxins. KEEP your own spirit alive. SMILE & LAUGH it is really really good for you! REACH OUT to people on this page and beyond, learning new things every day helps you!
You can always talk to me @allietattz IG 😍✌🏼️ Peace n Love! Xo”






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