Claire, 30, London, UK

Me 2016.jpg

“MH issue: Social Anxiety
How I deal with it: I’ve tried many things, but the ones that work for me are – Medication (Sertraline), CBT techniques, particularly the ones that challenge negative thoughts. Exercise helps to clear my head and keep my adrenaline levels down, and I cut down to one coffee a day.

Exposure Therapy was a game changer for me. It involves deliberately exposing yourself to something that makes you feel anxious in very small doses. This enables to brain to build up a tolerance.

I write about my experiences on my blog We’re All Mad Here. It’s part confessional and part ‘I want to share as many tips as possible to prevent others from going through the same shit that I did.’

Twitter- @ClaireyLove

Helpful links; Anxiety help for fears & phobias, Laura’s YouTube channel (she makes extremely helpful video on mental health)”


Claire has just had her book published, which you can get now on here.






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