It’s okay NOT TO BE okay! & NEW T-SHIRT!


This quote I have repeated soo many times this year.

Recovery isn’t a straight line, we’re not always going to be okay, but you know what? That’s absolutely okay!

Christmas time can also be pretty challenging time for a lot of us.

It’s also been a challenging year for most of us and I feel like this simple saying “it’s okay not to be okay” is so important to remember!

Whatever you are going through, it’s not going to last, I promise you!

Allowing yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling is so important, even though it might be uncomfortable and make you cry.

I’ve designed a new t-shirt & a hoodie (if you’ve been following me for a while you might have seen some t-shirts last year, but believe me I think this is the best design as of yet, if I may say so myself;))!!

The idea is to spread as much Mental Health Awareness with them as we possibly can! So please go buy one (if you can) & share this as much as you can!

Take care,

K. <3





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