Ben, South Wales, UK


“I’ve been affected by suicidal thoughts, depression, and extreme anxiety and panic attacks.

It’s never too late to seek help. Don’t be ashamed if you’re feeling stuck in a rut of depression or anything. My advice is to try to be as kind to yourself, talk to someone, get help.

Last Christmas I went out, I looked terrible and hated myself, I’ve never looked liked that before or never will again. I could feel people looking at me in shock at how I’d let myself go. I was always in great shape and always took care of myself.

Then over a year I hit the bottle and if I’m honest I was a borderline alcoholic, I did it to take the pain away… It doesn’t help it makes things worse and it’s not the answer!
Things truly spiraled out of control and I lost everything…I even stupidly tried to end things more than once…
Lots of things happened to put me in that place and I don’t hate or blame anyone but me for it happening.
I actually repulsed myself and on New Years I promised myself and didn’t tell anyone of my goal. I was gonna get back to me and try hit 16 stone by my birthday on the 28th of September… guess what?… A couple of months ago I hit 16 stone from nearly 21 and a half stone. I’m nowhere near where I want to be mentally but physically I’m getting there and I am very proud!
I’m just doing my thing on my own starting out in life from scratch,

I would absolutely talk to anyone friend or stranger if they needed my help and the offer will always be there, @ben_shortman


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