Aya, 17, US

IMG_20161029_221625.jpg“Over the past couple of years, I was told that I suffered from severe chronic depression and migraines. I was told that this year I began to develop psychogenic seizures, triggered by stress.

On September 24, I woke up from a seizure with no memory of myself or anyone around me. From there, I was recently diagnosed with generalized dissociative amnesia, which is a dissociative disorder that prevents me from remembering my life before the incident. It derives from trauma, depression, or inner turmoil at an extreme level.

Today, along with self-harm scars I no longer remember giving to myself, my arm is constantly covered with reminders and activities of my day to day life because now I struggle with short-term memory loss.
All of this, of course, brings me down. I became depressed once more even without my memory because I felt so alone. But I won’t let my disorder get the best of me.
My advice for everyone would be to tell someone if you are struggling with depression or any other form of mental illness. Holding everything inside and bottling it all up got me here, and there’s no way to reverse it.

You don’t have to face this scary world alone, and people do want to help.

Stay strong.”

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