Time To Talk


It’s #TimeToTalk today, created by the wonderful Time To Change charity
Any day that encourages people to talk about mental health is honestly my favourite!!

How many times have you felt that everyone around you had it all figured out, had all their shit together or that their life was all unicorns and rainbows?? I used to often think that. Especially when people around me do the things that are expected from them, like have a job, or study. Yet I’m here not able to do either of those things ‘properly’.. But still, I know that doesn’t mean that someone has it together.

I used to study, then I worked a lot, had a full-time job and people would assume that I’m doing great because it ‘looked like it’ yet I was doing a lot worse then than I am now.

We go through our lives thinking that everyone around us copes well all the time maybe that’s because we simply don’t talk about those things but we judge, compare and live in our own heads a lot of times.

People say they’re okay even when they’re not.
We might lie because we think it’ll protect others, or maybe we think it’s too much fuss to talk about our feelings, or even worse, we think that our own feelings are not valid.
But guess what?! YOU ARE VALID, your feelings are valid, they matter! You matter!

1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. If it’s not you, you’re most likely know someone who has experienced it.

That’s why it’s soooo important to talk about mental health, and YOUR mental health is just as important as your physical health (if not more)

There should be no shame or stigma in talking about mental health.

Sometimes it can take one conversation to save someone’s life.


K. <3


For more information on mental health check out BetterHelp


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