Liv, 24, Wolverhampton, UK

liv lomas
“I’ve suffered multiple mental illnesses since I was 10. It’s started with anxiety and depression.  I went from going to friends houses, dancing lessons being happy and care free to a scared, hopeless and broken.

I then stopped eating which triggered a 14 year battle with eating disorders which has destroyed my health. I started seeing CAMHS  when I was 14 .
I left mainstream school to be tutored,  I couldn’t be around people. I have severe social phobia. This went on for years with no relief from my mind and illnesses. I became agoraphobic and spent 6 years mostly house bound. I had given up with no hope.
About 6 months ago I decided I had enough, I couldn’t live the way I was anymore. I decided to fight for my right to a life. I started to share what it’s like to live with multiple mental illnesses on IG l. I’ve never been an open person and never shared such deep and painful experiences with anyone, this was my first reach out to life and people that I’ve avoided for so long. I went out for the first time which was the most terrifying experience but I made what I thought was impossible possible, I decided to engage with my mental health treatment and take meds. And the hard thing was I started ED therapy which was something I hid from for years but my eating disorders are deadly and they were taking my life. I’m on a journey towards a life, something I never thought I would say!! It’s slow and everything is taken in baby steps. But I’m determined to honour the promise to myself to have a better and happy life.
Anyone can change their life, anyone can fight for life and everyone deserves to have freedom.  Warriors X”







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