Nyky, 25, UK


“I have GAD; generalised anxiety disorder. I’ve had this since 2015. So for people that don’t understand what that is, it’s pretty much that most things make me anxious not just one thing.

It stops me from doing very simple things like leaving my house alone, going to the shops. Makes being able to work hard and even trusting people. It makes me see everyone and everything as a threat so I’m constantly on high alert ready to run.It makes you not be hungry, I really struggle to think to wash because I’m constantly worried about irrational things.

I know kind of what’s started my mental illness. I’ve had lots of traumas. I’ve been an inpatient in a mental health hospital 2 times for being suicidal. The only way I can explain about that is you see it as the only option to stop the pain and confusion that you’re in.

Just for information, some of my symptoms of anxiety are shaking; I used to shake constantly! Sweating, breathing heavy and deep, chest pains ( that’s the first symptom I got ), cold chills through my body, stomach pains, my vision goes blurry.

I’m still very much in recovery and I don’t have many things to offer for advice but I can suggest that you try to find information on what causes your issues. I find listening to people and genuinely caring about them and their problems really helps me too. It’s amazing what real compassion can accomplish.

I’d just like to add that one in 4 people suffer from a mental illness in their life, we don’t choose to get them please be understanding with them and don’t judge!”



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